Mt RainierVaughn Ripley is a professional inspirational speaker who tackles tough subjects and helps lift the spirits of others and builds momentum that leads to inspirational motivation. He does keynote speeches, inspirational life lessons, team building, coaching, and other forms of discussions.

Vaughn has appeared at corporate retreats, local community events, hemophilia chapter events, panel discussions, churches, and college events.

Each speaking engagement is specifically tailored to the event and anticipated audience. And, Vaughn creates a unique experience with each speech.

Vaughn is always open to new ideas and innovative ways to use his story and talents.

Vaughn’s Speaking Information


Please contact for current speaking pricing via the Contact Page.


A deposit of 50% of the full speaking fee (not including travel expenses) is required to schedule and confirm the event date. The remaining 50% payment is due within 30 days after the speaking engagement.

Travel Expenses

Travel Expenses will be added to the speaking fee. These expenses include, but may not be limited to, unrestricted round trip coach airfare, ground transportation, and moderate meals. Hotels should be guaranteed for late arrival and billed directly to your organization. Local events that do not require overnight stays will only include vehicle mileage fees and any meals.


All discounts are cumulative.

  • Non-profit organizations in the bleeding disorder, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, or other affiliated communities will receive a discount off of the speaking fee. Please contact for current speaking pricing via the Contact Page.
  • Schools and educational services will receive a discount off of the speaking fee. Please contact for current speaking pricing via the Contact Page.
  • Customers who pay the full speaking fee prior to the event will receive a 5% discount on the price (not including travel).
  • Other discounts are available and negotiable for scheduling multiple events.

Speaking Topics

Vaughn does individual or combined topics including subjects like:

  • Inspiration, encouragement, and motivation
  • Designing, focusing on, and achieving your goals
  • Fitness and overall health
  • Living strong with a bleeding disorder
  • Living strong with HIV/AIDS
  • Healthy grieving and dealing with the death of a loved one
  • Tackling and beating bad habits
  • Finding out your passion and achieving your full potential
  • Writing and publishing
  • Information Technology
  • Longevity
  • Thriving despite dealing with a severe illness
  • Team building
  • Social media, blogs, and web presence creation
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship

Cancellation Policy

If the event is cancelled for any reason 15 days or more prior to the agreed date, it’s Vaughn Ripley’s Policy to reschedule (within 12 months) for the same fee. Should you be forced to cancel within 15 days of the event date, the deposit will be kept and rescheduled events will incur the full price.


“Frederick HIV Coalition was planning to host an event to recognize World AIDS Day in 2019. Vaughn Ripley was highly recommended to us as a guest speaker; he did not disappoint. His presentation was informative and inspirational. Our attendees received valuable knowledge about how he is successfully living his life being HIV-positive. We will hope to invite Vaughn to future events that we sponsor.”
—Rochelle M. Kithcart
Lead Facilitator
Frederick HIV Coalition, Frederick MD

“We invited Vaughn Ripley to be a guest speaker at our 2018 Stago National Service Meeting. Our theme was Commit to Excellence, because every patient matters. We typically focus on very technical trainings and customer service trainings. In addition to those trainings, this year we wanted to remind our service teams that at the end of everything we do to support our immediate customer, the clinical laboratory, there is a patient waiting for test results and this is why we hold our teams to such a high standard.
Vaughn was scheduled to close two of our longest days, a tough spot to capture the attention of a tired group of people, but he was excellent. Not only did he grab everyone’s attention but he also held it such that our teams then went on to an extended Q&A session and we then had Vaughn join our teams for dinner so the conversations could continue.
To say that he and his story was inspirational does not even begin to express the energy he created among our teams. Our teams left that speaking event knowing why we need to do our best every day and commit to doing excellent work but they also left feeling inspired to do more for not just our customers but themselves as well! His excitement literally lifted people up and gave them courage to do better but also achieve personal goals.
During the event, we received many compliments from our teams that he was a great speaker and would welcome him back at future meetings.”
—Mary Davis, Ph.D.
Director, Technical Support Group
Diagnostica Stago Inc.

“I am the Activities Coordinator for the Community Organized Recovery Efforts (CORE) recovery centers, which provide a variety of supports including recovery related activities each weekday for those in recovery from drugs or alcohol. We wanted to acknowledge National Aids Awareness Month by having a speaker, Vaughn Ripley, who was kind enough to come and share his story of triumph while living with HIV. Myself and members of the audience found him to be incredibly inspirational and learned that if you ask the right questions, you can be successful and achieve your dreams.”
—Nancy Waalkes
CORE Activities Coordinator
Frederick County Health Department

“Vaughn was a part of a panel of speakers I carefully hand-selected for Purpose2Play Summit: Talking Triumph, where we had five heroes from the world of sports deliver positive and inspiring messages to both corporate types and to adaptive athletes in Dallas.
With Vaughn being a marathon finisher, a cyclist, an accomplished mountaineer, and a dedicated health and fitness professional, he successfully encouraged others to live their own best lives with a sense of urgency. His multi-modal “Survival Pie” approach to living a healthy life with HIV and hemophilia helped others realize that they, too, can potentially extend and enlarge their own lives no matter their circumstances.
Vaughn is authentic, enthusiastic, and patient as they come. He truly walks the walk, and it’s always a privileged to share a few heartbeats with him. I will absolutely have him back to speak again!”
—Kim Constantinesco
Purpose 2 Play

“In September of 2014, I was attending my first National Hemophilia Foundation Annual Meeting. I was a new Executive Director of a brand new NHF Chapter in West Virginia. I walked into a breakfast session one morning and ended up walking into one of the most inspirational speaking sessions I have ever attended. Of course, I had to meet this speaker and walked into one of Vaughn Ripley’s patented hugs.
You see, he’d been keeping an eye on West Virginia, since we were right next door to him. He was ecstatic that we finally had a chapter to call our own. So the man graciously (foolishly) offered to help us with anything we needed to help our chapter get going. A few months later, I asked Vaughn to make good on his offer.
WVNHF held our First Annual Men’s Day Event in April of this year and Vaughn was pivotal to its success. Vaughn traveled across the state with us to meet with the staff of our Hemophilia Treatment Centers to promote the event. He did radio interviews to encourage participation. He helped with planning and coordination. The day of the event Vaughn, filled roles as co-host, featured presenter, as well as panel member. I can’t begin to describe his unflagging energy and passionate spirit on behalf of our chapter. He became a mentor and motivator to many that day.
If you’re considering having Vaughn Ripley at your function…stop…and just do it. It’s a decision you’ll count among your best.”
—Amber Tichnell
Executive Director
West Virginia chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation

“HFSC was thrilled to host Vaughn Ripley as our keynote speaker at our recent SoCal emPOWERment Forum. His enthusiasm and excitement for propelling people to dream big and attain their goals was evident and empowering! Our survey results returned consistently high marks and many requested his return. We are lucky and honored to have someone like Vaughn speak at our event and be a part of our community.”
—Michelle Kim
Executive Director
Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California

“At the Adventuresports Institute we host five presenters each semester to expose our students and outdoor community to the broader world beyond our program. Among others, we’ve hosted many of the top names in the outdoor industry; from Olympic paddlers to the world’s top climbers, as well as industry pioneers and motivational speakers. Without a doubt, from my perspective, Vaughn Ripley’s presentation focusing on his lifelong motivation and accomplishments, despite doctors’ predictions that he wouldn’t even live to see the 1990’s, was the most inspiring of them all.
Vaughn Ripley will definitely be invited back to motivate ASI in the future!”
—Andy Hershey
Associate Professor of Adventure Sport Management
Adventuresports Institute of Garrett College

“Vaughn is a true pleasure to work with and has an incredible story! We worked with Vaughn on a presentation for a large patient conference in fall of 2014 and his presentation was motivating, captivating, engaging, and exceeded our expectations. Audience members couldn’t wait to corner him afterwards to talk to him about his experiences. In watching Vaughn present and interact with the hemophilia community, it was clear that Vaughn takes great pride in sharing his story in hopes of inspiring others to live fulfilling, productive lives.”
—Samantha Gibbons
FCB Chicago

“Vaughn’s story is real–and to many people utterly unbelievable how this man could have the courage to wake up every day and attack it with as much gusto and vigor. But that’s who Vaughn is–an inspiration. His dedication as an athlete, author, and family-man is one many, many more in our world need to hear. We hosted Vaughn at one of our weekly men’s groups and not only was his talk engaging and rousing, but it also created a conversation of how we, as individuals, can live with the same zest.”
—Matthew Walker
Assistant Pastor
Hub City Vineyard Church

“Every year the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation hosts a Luncheon/Fashion Show for mothers and women in the Bleeding Disorders Community. We were honored to have Vaughn Ripley speak at our event this year. He spoke about achieving your goals and dreams, and was very inspiring to listen to. I was personally encouraged by what he spoke about in his talk, as I am sure others were as well. It was wonderful to have him at our event, and I hope he will join us for future Chapter functions.”
—Victoria DiCamillo
Eastern Pennsylvania chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation

“Vaughn was kind enough to be the guest speaker at our Chapter’s 36th annual fashion show. He did a great job mingling with the guests during the cocktail hour and then gave an inspiring talk duriing the program. There were over 200 women at the event and Vaughn truly made them feel special. We are excited that Vaughn will be involved with more Chapter events in the future.”
—Curt Krouse
Executive Director
Eastern Pennsylvania chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation

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