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10/24/2017 – WDVM Frederick News Channel / Interview
Jordan Lindsey of WDVM News interviews Vaughn Ripley at one of his inspirational speeches for a group at the CORE Recovery Center in Frederick Maryland.


6/11/2017 – Frederick News Post Cover Story / Interview


1/28/2016 – Brunswick Citizen Cover Story / Interview


12/2/2014 – Hemos Unite Podcast
Vaughn’s interview with Matti Vann on Hemos Unite podcast:


10/10/2014 – Men’s Health Article/Interview
I was in a heated battle to be the Men’s Health Ultimate Guy and actually led the vote for two months (I received more than 30,000 votes). I did not win the cover, but Bill Phillips (the editor in chief) called me and explained that my story was so compelling that they would like to run a profile piece on me and my story.


9/13/2014 – Hope Factor Cover and Story


6/4/2014 – HIV Plus Magazine Cover Story / Interview


6/3/2014 – Brunswick Citizen Cover Story / Interview
Brunswick_Citizen_20140604 Brunswick_Citizen_20140604_page2


5/23/2014 – Positive Lite Magazine Article
Vaughn appeared in a cover story on Positive Lite magazine:


5/13/2014 – Fox News 5 TV Interview
Beth Parker of Fox 5 News interviewed Vaughn and discussed living healthy and fit with hemophilia and HIV. They also chat about his competition to be on the cover of Men’s Health magazine as the “Ultimate Guy.”


5/9/2014 – Purpose2Play Interview
Purpose 2 Play


5/6/2014 – Frederick News-Post Interview
“Ultimate Guy” Article:


10/23/2012 – FedScoop TV Open Source Interview
Vaughn did an interview with FedScoop TV, where he discusses current and future trends around open source.


5/23/2012 – Positive Lite Magazine Interview
Vaughn did an interview with Positive Lite magazine:


2/9/2012 – Living Healthy Choices Radio Program
Vaughn’s interview with Patience Nyesigire on the Living Healthy Choices Program:

*Audio Unavailable*


2/5/2012 – RunnersFeed Article


10/18/2011 – Full Potential Program
Vaughn’s interview with James Rick was a very motivating and inspirational one:


7/27/2011 – Catch The Brass Ring
Vaughn’s interview with Gina on the Catch the Brass Ring Radio Program:

*Audio Unavailable*


7/12/2011 – Frederick News-Post Interview
“Overcoming HIV” Article:


7/1/2011 – FHM Magazine Interview
“Mental Toughness” Article/Interview:



6/7/2011 – IVA Writes Now RadioProgram
Vaughn’s interview with Dr. Ande of the IVA Writes Now Radio:


5/25/2011 – Tough Talk Radio Show
Vaughn’s interview with Tony Gambone on his Tough Talk Radio Show:


5/11/2011 – Biz Talk Radio
Vaughn’s interview with Biz Talk Radio (KIVA):



4/9/2011 – AllWrite Radio
Vaughn’s interview with Annette on AllWrite Radio was a blast! Check it out:


3/7/2011 – NDB Media Radio
Vaughn’s interview with NDB Media Radio (Shadow, Roger, and Zeke) on the Among Friends radio program was awesome! Check it out here:


3/5/2011 – Healing Through Hurt Radio
Vaughn’s interview with Maria Wall on the Healing Through Hurt Radio program:


1/23/2011 – Perspectives with Barry Shainbaum
Vaughn’s interview with Barry Shainbaum on Faith FM CJTW 94.3 (Kitchener, Ont):


1/17/2011 – The Derek and Romaine Radio Show
Vaughn’s interview with Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson on OUTQ (Sirius 109 / XM 98):


1/6/2011 – Let’s Talk Live (TBD TV)
Vaughn did a live interview with Melanie Hastings on News Channel 8 (ABC):


1/5/2011 – The World According to Zinna Radio show (WKRP)
Vaughn’s interview with Mike Zinna of WKRP in Denver, CO:


12/1/2010 – World AIDS Day Symposium at Georgetown University
Vaughn appeared on the panel for a discussion with medical students at Georgetown University:


10/15/2010 – News appearance on NBC
Vaughn’s first TV news interview with NBC’s local news channel, WHAG:

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