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How did Vaughn become a writer?

In Junior High School Vaughn was always coming up with stories. They would just pop into his head and some of them he wrote down. Before long he had a collection of them and folks who read them used to pat Vaughn on the back and say, “Not bad, kid.”

During High School Vaughn did more reading than writing, but he never lost the stories that would appear from nowhere. They continued to come to him today.

Shortly after High School Vaughn did some more writing and he realized that stories and writing were going to be a part of his life. He could never stop the ideas from popping into his head. Usually they are goofy or not tellable, but once in a while a really good one comes along and begs to be written.

Unfortunately his Adult ADD kicks in and he starts new stories before completing the old one. As he has aged and supposedly become wiser, he’s now better able to focus on individual tales and complete them.

Vaughn’s first published book was his memoir, Survivor – One Man’s Battle with HIV, Hemophilia, and Hepatits C.

Where does Vaughn get the ideas for his books?

Ideas come to Vaughn at all hours. He will sometimes wake from a nightmare and lay there thinking that he’s just discovered another idea for a book. Vaughn’s ADD mind goes crazy with all of the ideas and he tries to write most of them down (at least the concept).

How much research does Vaughn do for his books?

Research is Vaughn’s most favorite part of writing a book. He spends countless hours reading books, surfing the web, and talking with knowledgable people about subjects that he is unfamiliar with. Even if he knows a subject well, Vaughn still researches it thoroughly to make sure that he doesn’t have any holes or problem areas.

Does Vaughn accept story ideas?

Unfortunately he does not have enough time to accept all of his own ideas, let alone someone else’s! Vaughn cannot possibly listen to other ideas and try to create stories from them. But he does offer this piece of advice, “If you have story ideas, write them yourself and work on publishing them!”

Who is Vaughn’s favorite author?

Edgar Allen Poe and Jack Kerouac are tied as his all time favorites… But Vaughn also loves and reads F. Paul Wilson, Matthew Woodring Stover, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, David Baldacci, J.R.R. Tolkien, George R. R. Martin, Terry Brooks, James Patterson, Michael Crichton, Chuck Palahniuk, and John Grisham to name a few. He also loves classic authors like Ayn Rand, Dashiell Hammett, Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Truman Capote, Harper Lee, and H.P. Lovecraft. Vaughn has a special place in his heart for Richard FariƱa as well. There are so many good authors and it is impossible to remember them all… Suffice it to say that Vaughn loves reading and admires anyone who writes!

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What religion is Vaughn?

Free Altagnist. Actually, Vaughn made that up… The long answer is: he is a freethinking altruistic agnostic atheist. Vaughn was raised Latter Day Saint (Mormon) and then later on became non-denominational. Over time he whittled away at his beliefs and found that he is certain that man has no clue what higher power there is or isn’t. That said, Vaughn has a hard time with organized religion… So, he’s usually not found in a church these days.

When is Vaughn’s birthday?

April 12, 1967… Aries, baby!

What is Vaughn’s political affiliation?

Vaughn is a Centrist (essentially an Independent in the middle of the mayhem). He’s a bit baffled by all of this political stuff… Vaughn finds it hard enough to keep his head above the political water.

All that said, Vaughn admires Republicans and Democrats alike. He thinks that it is a fascinating talent to be a politician, and he can’t imagine how folks do it.

Vaughn prefers to think of himself as a servant of the people, not a politician.

What is Vaughn’s email address?

Simply click on the “Contact” link on this web site and you can email him there.

What’s next on Vaughn’s agenda?

Vaughn is competing in triathlons and has set a goal to complete 100 of them before he die. He’s also pumping out some fictional titles … For more information on Vaughn’s latest goings-on, check out the Discussion Forum:

How do I find out where Vaughn will be signing books and making appearances?

The easiest way is to check the Discussion Forum under the “Events, Appearances, and Interviews” board

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How has Vaughn survived with HIV for so long?

Medicine (never missing a dose), spirituality (for lack of a better word), positive thinking, stress-free living, healthy diet, lots of water, tai chi, meditation, weight lifting, running, and tenacity! Vaughn calls it “survival pie.”

What does Vaughn’s workout routine look like?

Vaughn lifts weights three times each week. He rides his bike three times (two maintenance days and one long day) each week. He runs three times each week. He also does Tai Chi and QiGong every day. Except for Tai Chi and meditation, Vaughn always takes one rest day each week to allow his muscles, tendons, and body to heal and get stronger!

If you can’t find the answer to your question in this list, feel free to send it via the contact page.

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