Frequently Asked Questions


What religion is Vaughn?

Free Altagnist. Actually, Vaughn made that up… The long answer is: he is a freethinking altruistic agnostic atheist. Vaughn was raised Latter Day Saint (Mormon) and then later on became non-denominational. Over time he whittled away at his beliefs and found that he is certain that man has no clue what higher power there is or isn’t. That said, Vaughn has a hard time with organized religion… So, he’s usually not found in a church these days.

When is Vaughn’s birthday?

April 12, 1967… Aries, baby!

What is Vaughn’s political affiliation?

Vaughn is a Centrist (essentially an Independent in the middle of the mayhem). He’s a bit baffled by all of this political stuff… Vaughn finds it hard enough to keep his head above the political water.

All that said, Vaughn admires Republicans and Democrats alike. He thinks that it is a fascinating talent to be a politician, and he can’t imagine how folks do it.

Vaughn prefers to think of himself as a servant of the people, not a politician.

What is Vaughn’s email address?

Simply click on the “Contact” link on this web site and you can email him there.

What’s next on Vaughn’s agenda?

Vaughn is competing in triathlons and has set a goal to complete 100 of them before he die. He’s also pumping out some fictional titles … For more information on Vaughn’s latest goings-on, check out the Discussion Forum:

How do I find out where Vaughn will be signing books and making appearances?

The easiest way is to check the Discussion Forum under the “Events, Appearances, and Interviews” board

If you can’t find the answer to your question in this list, feel free to send it via the contact page.

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